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April 29th, 2005

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11:55 pm - First OC!

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Name: Gemma Pettersen

Age: 28

Who they are: SWF of English and Swedish Decent,. She's one of the Morgue anthropologists.

Personality: Gets along well with her closest co-workers, but is rather gruff with the staff upstairs since it's a longstanding view of the entire group morgue Anthropologists that the Doctors and Cops get all the glory whereas they do all of the leg work. Is very defensive over her crime scenes to the point of yelling at anyone who isn't completely suited up. Enjoys alternative and techno music. She does Yoga and runs but always places poorly in the Boston Marathon, much to her annoyance. She is thorough and meticulous in her work. She has a particular interest in ostiological diseases.

History: She lived throughout British Columbia, Canada until starting University at Cornell. She received her bachelors from Cornell, MPhil and PhD in Forensic Archaeology from the University of Birmingham. Has been working with the Boston Morgue for 2 years after spending a year working in Argentina with Mothers of the Disappeared. She use to work on the more 'important' crime scenes until her protectiveness over the crime scene caused her to cross the line of professionalism in front of Dr. Macy and now she is relegated to working strictly on cold cases. She is irritated by all the cases which are missing critical pieces of evidence, but is making decent headway through them by, grudgingly, moving beyond her hard, technical skills and using her soft, people-skills to fill in the gaps. Now that her success has been brought to Dr. Macy's attention, she is using it as leverage to return to her old duties but Macy obviously half-hearted.

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