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cjrp's Journal

Crossing Jordan RPG
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This is play by Livejournal and AIM RPG based on the television show Crosssing Jordan. The RPG follows up to the episode Locard’s Exchange, after that it is up to the player to decide whether or not they would like to follow the show, or make up their own storyline.

- This RPG is posted at CrossingJordanRP and in characters personal LJ's, but the major content will be in the group itself.
- Serious and writers only
- There is no bar on content here
- Slash is allowed if BELIEVABLE
- Labelled content is required if it’s over the rating of R
- Please add all the other members on AIM, and to your characters LJ

To APPLY for a character (Email me, at Obsessed_With_Spike at hotmail dot com):


Name: (Your Real Name)
Alias: (What you would like to be called)
Livejournal: (What is your LJ, if you have one)
Age: (Your age)
Screen Name: (AIM only)

Character you want: (The character you want)
For an OC:
Name: (The Name of your character)
Age: (The age of your character)
Who they are: (Relative? Spouse?)
Picture: (pick a movie star. Pictures please And please, no teeny boppers?)
Personality: (How they act)
History: (Their past)

(Credit for most of this goes to houserpg)

Renee Walcott mswalcott AIM: WalcottRenee
Lily Lebowski real_lebowski AIM: iceskater893
Bug drvijay AIM: superkateb
Garret Macy garretmacy AIM: Doesn't have AIM.
Jordan Cavanaugh jordancavanaugh AIM: Doesn't have AIM.